Better Know a Mod Type…

Earlier today I noticed a number of goblins huddled in a corner of the production facility. They were mumbling quietly amongst themselves, periodically waving their hands in the air and pointing their fingers at each other.

Generic_GearGlad to finally see some activity on the plant floor, I approached hurriedly, eager to hear of their most recent efforts. They reluctantly elected one of their number to speak to me. The creature was pitiful, one ear carved up like a plastic surgeon’s practice cadaver. He walked with a limp and had a voice even more high pitched than the rest of the goblins.

He muttered something near unintelligble about budgets, deadlines, and delays.


As a result, I am going to begin a new informative series called ‘Better Know A Mod Type’. This series will overview different classes of mods in an effort to educate our customers about the different ways they can improve their interface.

Each installment of the series will attempt to provide a brief overview of a class of mods. I will try to provide the possible benefits and drawbacks of the class of mods. Finally, I will provide a few mod samples representative of that class of addons.

We will likely go into greater detail in the future on each of the different mods mentioned. It is also likely that some future post will go into further detail on the class of mods.

This series is ultimately designed for those unfamiliar with the class of mods, or unfamiliar with how that class of mods might be helpful.  Though I would definitely appreciate and enjoy the feedback of others who may be able to provide additional insight into the mod class.

Look for our first installment of Better Know A Mod Type soon…


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  1. […] are having some issues with production. So I want to kick off our first installment of the ‘Better Know a Mod Type‘ series and talk to you a bit about a group of mods typically referred to as Unit […]

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